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Creators of the finest Scents for over 3 genrations!

Our Philosophy

We combine quality with the magic of nature, the ingredients of our perfumes are carefully selected from different nature’s lands with the best quality to reach you in their final, charming form.

Our Technique

Perfumery is our passion, this passion that stems from our love for each independent stage in that craft, we promise you to see this love clearly in the quality of the unique experience that you will live.

The Science of Scent

The scent is intertwined with emotion and memory, as one spray of perfume can draw a smile on your memory.


Imaad Perfumes was founded in 2009, with the aim of being a symbol of the enchanting power of perfumes, and has truly succeeded in giving everyone an experience they will return for.

As a global perfume chain, we now have clients across India and the Middle East with a variety of ouds, incense, oriental perfumes and dhenul oudhs, with a high standard of quality.

Our experience in the perfumery field with the best carefully selected ingredients, makes our perfumes unique and attractive.

This is what makes us the most successful brand among experts and beginners as well.

Some call it the "Imaad’s magic effect" and we call it "passion." 

We believe in the science of scent, and are grateful for the learning and experience gained over the years. We have been able to turn our vision into a tangible reality, and maintain our position as a strong brand in the perfumes world.