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Scent is an important part ofYour Identity

It communicates more than your attire or attitude because one can smell you without looking at or talking to you.
As human sensory experiences go, a scent can evoke certain memories & give off a certain vibe, alluring or otherwise.
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Dedicated to the crafting of outstanding fragrances.

DiscoverOur Perfumes

Our relentless pursuit at our perfumery is to create fragrances that will be discussed even after you leave the room. To give you experiences that will become sweet memories. 

Oudh Malliki

  • DescriptionBlend oudh with oriental arabian flavor
  • Main AccordsWoody
  • Notes Top: Toka beans, Cardamom
    Middle: Tobacco, Smoke, Intense
    Bottom: Agarwood, Musk


  • DescriptionFresh floral and oriental fragrance of tulips
  • Main AccordsFloral
  • Notes Top: Fresh Lily, Aqua, Musk
    Middle: Tulips, Resins, Incense
    Bottom: White Amber, Musk


  • DescriptionBlend in aqua muskline fragrance with oriental french
  • Main AccordsWoody, Earthy
  • Notes Top: Fresh, Aquatic, Lily
    Middle: Musk, Tangerine, Mint
    Bottom: White musk, Woody

ImaadThe Perfumery

Our experience & expertise in crafting fragrances combined with the finest handpicked raw materials available makes our perfumes special and pleasing to all.

Maybe that’s what makes us the most spoken about brand amongst experts & newbies alike. 

Some call it ‘The Imaad Effect’ and we call it “Passion”

IntroducingThe Imaad Effect

Finest Ingredients

Our scents are “inspired by nature” so is our choice of ingredients. We only use the finest raw materials to give you the finest experience

Hand Crafted

We make perfume because we love it. This love nourishes our passion to create the finest scents for you. We give you handcrafted promise to refresh your senses

The Science of Scent

Scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined. If one drop of perfume puts a smile on your face, causes you to hold your head a little higher, puts a slight twinkle in your eye, then we have done our job.

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